Forward Washington: A Student Initiative is a regional organization based in Snohomish County, Washington that focuses on creating a network of students to support the small businesses of Washington State during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We strive to get Washington State youth involved to support our small businesses through activism and projects such as:

- Maintaining strong social media presence by spreading awareness to this issue

- Leading a large-scaled campaign

- Partnering with other student organizations to continue to spread our mission

- Lobbying city, county, and state governments to hasten reopening phases and create relief funds for small business owners

- Meeting with and writing to lawmakers and elected officials

- Providing a platform for small businesses to share their stories

- Organizing events such as town halls, panels, and rallies to promote small businesses






Forward Washington: A Student Initiative started as a project by young activists in Washington State, inspired by the stories of many small business owners, decided to come together and create a network of Washington State youth to support small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Small business owners are the foundation of Washington State-- 99.5% of all Washington-based businesses are small businesses. This is why a major pursuit of Forward Washington is to support the small businesses of Washington State.

If you share the same vision and passion to support our small business owners and would like to pursue activism, find out how you can become a member by contacting us. All young people are welcome to join our mission.

Isaac Yi, Management Director

Isaac is an activist, organizer, and a High School Junior from Snohomish County, Washington. He is currently a council-member on the Washington Legislative Youth Advisory Council, a team of Washington State activists who represent the voice of Washington State youth. He was the Regional Director of the Frontier Region for the organization High Schoolers For Freedom, a team of the nation's youth to coordinate legislative action. His activism featured him on many platforms including ABC, KTTH, and more. Outside of activism, he is involved in Turning Point USA and Model UN. He is also the founder of his Speech and Debate Club at his high school. 


Parker Spradling, Outreach Director

Parker is a High School Senior from Spokane, Washington. He was appointed by the Spokane Board of County Commissioners to be a member of the Chase Youth Commission, an organization that represents the youth of Spokane County. Parker has been an active member of his community by taking part in many leadership programs and volunteer opportunities. In addition to being an active member of his community, he has worked on political campaigns for the past two cycles with candidates who won their respective offices. Parker is excited to work on this great team and looks forward to the work we will get to do.


Jakob Diepenbrock,

Communications Director

Jakob is a high school student from Mill Creek, Washington with a passion for politics. He is involved with many political organizations in leadership such as Turning Point USA and Last Hope USA. He is also involved with his local political parties in order to help bring change to Washington State. Outside of activism, he is also an investor and stock trader and runs his own trading room. 


David Banica, Political Director

Anthony is a Republican Activist from Lewis County, Washington. He is vocal in conservative, common-sense policy on social media, and goes to Olympia during legislative sessions to meet with lawmakers and testify on legislation. Anthony hopes to get more youth involved with coming to Olympia and making their voices heard, whether in testifying in committees or making appointments to meet and speak with their lawmakers. Outside of his role in activism, he enjoys spending time with friends and going to church. 





Get involved in the activism and join a coalition of students fighting for a working Washington! Let's help our small businesses through social change.







For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please email forwardwashington@gmail.com or fill out the form on the left

Students for a Working Washington

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